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Johannisholm Adventure

at Johannisholms Stugby

Dalarna Sweden

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Thursday 23 May 2024

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Johannisholm Adventure at Johannisholms Stugby specialise in adventure and activity holidays. Situated just outside Mora, Sweden there are a range of cottages (stugor in Swedish), ready and welcoming for the guests providing a home away from home.

Every day is filled with activities. We have a summer full of canoe trips, quad biking and various other outdoor pursuits. But it doesn’t stop once the summer is over. With the first snow fall brings the adrenaline rush of snowmobiling, a spot of ice fishing or winter camping in a homemade igloo.


Once the sun sets each evening there are a multitude of other activities to keep you going. We have our fantastic grill hut suitable for barbequing whatever the weather; a hot tub which can be used all year round, and our sauna both with traditional wood fired heating. Of course Swedish custom is to jump out of the sauna and into the plunge pool or roll in the snow…season depending!

We provide all the equipment necessary for having a great time here in Sweden; from canoes and mountain bikes to snowmobiles, GPS and ski equipment.

With friendly staff and beautiful scenery, Johannisholm Adventure really is the place to come for your holiday. We cater for families and groups, no matter the age group, tailoring programs to accommodate any adventures you wish to have.

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